Host a charging point

    We can have network of Charging point Manufactures and installers who can help you setup the Charging Point.

    ChargeMiles is currently collaborating with a wide variety of partners throughout the broader electric vehicle ecosystem, including charge point networks, parking companies, automotive manufacturers, energy companies, insurance companies, fleet operators, lease companies, as well as local and national governments and more.

    We are always interested in working with companies where we can add value and ultimately help to accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility.

    If you would like to explore the opportunities in partnering with ChargeMiles, please contact host@chargemiles.com

    Increase Brand Awareness

    Attract new customers by featuring your venue in the chargemiles MAP products.

    Join a global Trend

    and help save the planet from Climate change

    Increase Income

    Increase your income by reaching out to thousands of ChargeMiles customers looking for a charging point

    Happy Customers

    As you put an end to low battery charge anxiety