ChargeMiles is currently collaborating with a wide variety of partners throughout the broader electric vehicle ecosystem, including charge point networks, parking companies, automotive manufacturers, energy companies, insurance companies, fleet operators, lease companies, as well as local and national governments and more.

    We are always interested in working with companies where we can add value and ultimately help to accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility.

    If you would like to explore the opportunities in partnering with ChargeMiles, please contact connect@chargemiles.com


    ●  Displaying charge points in the ChargeMiles app, including live status updates so that drivers know when a charge point is available.

    ●  Promoting CPO partners to ChargeMiles EV driver networks, as well as to its industry partners via a variety of communication channels, including the website, newsletter, in-app, social media and events.


    ●  Providing data and insights into the quickly-evolving EV charging market.